On the Bookshelf

        Books are food to writers. Books provide us with words.
Words enable us to write, which makes us hungry for more words, in a wonderful unending cycle of creativity.
Here are a few of my favourite authors and the books that inspire me.

Beatrix Potter
28 July 1866-22 December 1943

If you have never read Beatrix Potter your education is sadly lacking.

I would will you to hurry to the nearest bookshop or library and pick up a copy, please not a board book or a spin off. It must be as the author initially insisted it should be, just the right size for little hands to hold.

My personal favourites are The Tale of Two Bad Mice and A Story of Miss Moppet

Laura Ingalls Wilder
February 7,1867- February 10,1957

Laura Ingalls Wilder my first Hero. In Laura I saw myself. A half-pint size girl with brown hair and a quick temper. At about five I decided I was going to be Laura Ingalls when I grew up. 

I was going to make things, do things, be brave and clever and tell wonderful stories.
She made me see life and everything in it as potential story material.

 Louisa May Alcott
November 29, 1832-March 6,1888

This edition of Little Women is my favourite because it is red leather with gold guilding, it's heavy and smells lovely. Little Women was the first really long book I ever read. Then I read it again and again and ......