Once Upon A Time.....

Lower Provo River by Philip Pittsenbarger
A long time ago far-far away in the small town of Evanston Wyoming I was born.

I lived in a small house with my Mom, Dad, one sister, two brothers, one dog, a few cats, a bird and a gerbil. 

At 5 I decided I wanted to write and illustrate picture books (along with being an astronaut and a ballerina)

At 6 I decided to be just like Laura Ingalls when I grew up. I tried to remember all the details of life the smell of sage brush, the color of Moms rocking chair, the feel of my bedroom window during a blizzard. My whole life became a story with my family the main characters.

At 8 Mom bought me my first journal. It took me five years to fill it up. It was the first of many journals.

The photo above shows how I remember the places of my early childhood.


We moved to Davis California. There I lived in a bigger house with Mom, Dad, one sister, THREE brothers, one dog, one cat and a cousin or two or three or....(you get the idea)

At 9 reading finally began to make sense. Mom bought me the whole Little House series and by fifth grade I had caught up in reading.
At 10 I discovered Little Women and my soul mate Jo March. It was defenite I had to become a writer spelling errors and all.
At 13 I met Ms. Russell. The best English teacher I have ever been privledged to learn from.  She was the first person to see beyond the spelling mistakes (not that she overlooked them she just saw potential beyond the mistakes).  The first person to encourage me and the first person to cover my first draft in bright red ink.

Completly against my will I grew up and did lots of grown up things.

I've been a hamburger maker, a house keeper, a baby sitter, a dry-cleaner-helper-person, a nurse's aid and a nurse.

I've learnt lots of things like Chinese and Quilting.

I married a very charming man and lived.......

Happily Ever After.....

My husband moved me far-far-away to Perth Western Australia, the most isolated city in the world.

Now I live in a medium sized house with my husband, daughter and dog . Whatever else I do I am always a wife, a mum and a writer.

 My abiding passion remains words, words, words, big words, little words, fat words, beautiful words and even ugly words.

Other intrests that crowd my mind are my garden, quilting, Chinese, sketching, sewing and cooking, lots of cooking.